Communion Assistant Guide

During the “Sharing of the Peace”

  • Move to the back of the sanctuary

  • Get sacraments from ushers or from the table in the office area

At the start of the anthem

  • Bring the sacraments to the altar

    • Two of the assistants will carry the sacraments

    • Third assistant will follow and stop at the front pew and be seated

  • Those carrying the sacraments should bow slightly before turning, and then sit in the front pew

At the start of communion

  • Two assistants should help Pastor in serving communion to those who are unable to ascend the steps

  • One will take a filled tray of cups

  • One will take an empty tray

After communion is served at the pew level

  • All three assistants will go to the altar area

    • One person will serve bread

    • Two will serve wine

    • Acolytes will assist with picking up empty glasses

  • Latch the “doors” at the ends of the communion rails

  • When serving bread declare, "The body of Christ given for you"

  • When serving wine declare, "The blood of Christ shed for you"

  • Provide a blessing to children who are not communing (e.g. Jesus Loves You)

  • Communion is served from the center of the altar rail to each edge (see diagram below)

  • Stay alert — if one team runs out of wine the person serving wine on the other team will need to serve both sides

  • Continue the process of serving bread & wine, returning to the center rail after each cycle

  • After all in the congregation and choir have communed, all assistants should gather in a semicircle behind the altar and serve one another

  • Finally

    • ?Put the wine trays back as you found them, DO NOT PUT trays behind the doors

    • Put the bread back on the altar

    • If you are still in front at the time of the communion prayer STOP and face the altar

Be alert!  Small hand signals will assist those unsure of when to move to the communion rail, where to go, and when to stand and return to the pews.


If you are unable to serve on the scheduled date, please find a replacement and notify the church office.


Last Published: February 10, 2015 5:42 PM
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