Lector/Reader Guide

Before your scheduled date:

  • Practice reading with intonation and inflection
  • Rather than just reading the words, tell a story
  • Make eye contact with the congregation

Sunday Morning - Before the Service

  • Before the service, check that the book at the Lectern is turned to the correct page
  • Read from the book of lessons on the lectern, and bring your bulletin
  • If needed, make an enlarged copy of the lesson to ease reading
  • Adjust the microphone—the quieter your voice, the closer the microphone needs to be to your mouth
  • Begin each reading with -- The 1st (2nd) reading is from …..
  • End each reading with --- The Word of The Lord

Helpful Hints

  • Read Slowly and Clearly
  • Use your finger to keep your spot so you can comfortable make eye contact with the congregation and return to the correct spot in the reading

If you are unable to serve on the scheduled date, please find a replacement and notify the church office.


Last Published: February 10, 2015 5:42 PM
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