Usher Guide

Before the Service

  • Arrive by 10:10
  • Turn on lights in the narthex and sanctuary
  • Check elevator, unlock if locked
  • Check hymn board—put up hymn numbers and Sunday “title” if needed
  • Turn on the sound system & check microphones
  • Check to see that sacraments are prepared & make sure center stair rail is in place
  • Put bulletins in the pulpit side choir loft second pew for the acolytes
  • Verify that acolytes, lectors, and communion assistants are present, recruit as needed
  • Close sanctuary doors at the beginning of the prelude
  • Ring the bell at 10:30 (3x—3x– 3x—7x) or at conclusion of prelude
  • SMILE !!!!

During the Service

  • Following the prelude, re-open side sanctuary doorsd
  • Monitor the narthex for late-comers and assist them to seats at appropriate times
    • Do not seat during prayers, confession, etc
  • Monitor temperature and adjust as needed
  • Check nursery / count
  • Count number of worshipers
  • Collect offering
  • Bring offering to altar during the offertory
    • Bow or nod gently before turning away from the altar
    • Bring sacraments to altar along with offering IF communion assistants have not done this

During Communion

  • As necessary, assist those who will commune at the pew level (the pastor and one communion assistant will bring the sacraments to the pew level at the start of communion)
  • Two ushers will be in front of the sanctuary to:
    • Direct communicants to the communion 
    • Assist those who may have difficulty ascending or descending the stairs - be watchful
  • Two ushers will direct communicants from the pews to the front of the church
    • There should be about 15 persons waiting at any time
    • Persons in the baptismal area should be guided to go to the back of the sanctuary and down the center isle at the end

After the Service

  • Open center sanctuary doors during the final hymn
  • Collect discarded bulletins from pews and put in recycling bin
  • Guide visitors to hospitality
  • Turn off sound system
  • Turn off sanctuary lights
  • After all have left the narthex area, lock narthex doors
  • Lock elevator

IMPORTANT: Ushers must be proactive so the congregation will feel comfortable

If you are unable to serve on the scheduled date, please find a replacement and notify the church office.

Last Published: February 10, 2015 5:42 PM
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